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After 4.5 years and 270 posts — including 30 podcasts and more than 60 pieces of original reporting — MethodistThinker.com is being discontinued. The archive will remain intact, but this site will not be updated, except for occasional new material in the ThinkerTwitter field at right.

I invite you to subscribe to a radio program/podcast — The World & Everything in It — for which I now serve as senior producer and co-host. Gospel Coalition blogger Trevin Wax describes it as being “like NPR from a Christian worldview.”

The program, produced by WORLD News Group (publisher of WORLD Magazine), is available via iTunes, RSS, and online streaming. Details here.

TW&E is also heard on more than 250 broadcast outlets in the U.S.

Thank you for reading MethodistThinker.com.

Joseph Slife, editor

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