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Following a five-month hiatus, MethodistThinker.com is returning to active status — but with significant changes.

This blog has always been a labor-intensive enterprise, with a significant number of posts involving original reporting. Some posts were literally weeks (even months!) in the making. Now, because of other obligations, such a laborious approach to producing this blog is no longer possible.

Therefore, MethodistThinker.com will go forward with a mix of previously produced content plus new content prepared by other writers.

Also, this blog will no longer have a comments section at the bottom of each post. Although many readers posted well-articulated and thoughtful comments, it became necessary to moderate the comments sections to keep this blog from becoming a platform for intemperate language, ad hominem attacks, and heretical statements. Since I no longer have time to police comments, the simplest alternative is to turn off the comments.

If you have questions or concerns, email [email protected].

Joseph Slife

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