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Hurricane relief: How to give online

From Coast Guard video

From Coast Guard video

It’s easy to give online to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

First, enter a dollar amount, then use the drop down screen to designate “Hurricane Ike.” Next, click through to fill out a simple form and input your payment source.

If you like, you can mark your gift in memory or in honor of someone, and have it tagged with the name of your local church.

Update: The North Georgia Conference Disaster Response Ministry is coordinating the delivery of “flood buckets” to UMCOR. You can either put together a bucket yourself, or donate $45 to purchase supplies for one.

One other need: paying for gas to get flood buckets from Georgia to UMCORs distribution facility in Louisiana. Details here (scroll down to “Urgent Need for Flood Buckets and Transportation of Buckets” in the left column).

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As Bishop Lindsey Davis comes to the end of his 12 years of service in North Georgia, MethodistThinker.com is offering a retrospective — in the bishop’s own words.

On the day before Easter in 2005, Bishop Davis was a guest on Atlanta’s WMLB radio (then at AM1160, now at AM1690).

He talked with host Jeff Davis (no relation) about the ministries of the North Georgia Conference, and about his four years as president of UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief.

Click the arrow below to listen to streaming audio (24 min.) — or download the mp3 (5.5MB)

NOTE: Audio quality is fair.

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